Following their awesome Shark Bites and Dog Fights, my favourite act of all time are about to release their 4th studio album ‘Union Black’.

Like when I was a teen, awaiting the new Big Country album, I am really quite excited.

They are the only band I can truly get excited about at the moment.

Other bands that have caught my eye/ear recently ate The National, The Heavy, Manchester Orchestra, Elbow, Band of Skulls and The Veils (son of Barry from Shriekback.)

So, I learned to drum at the age of 11 to Adam and the Ants kings of… and AC/DC Back in Black.

Pogo’d at the school disco to Big Country & Shriekback

Got moody and thoughtful to everything by The Cure and knocked hell out of mums furniture to Adam & The Ants.

There’s my tuppence worth on music

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