Friday 8th June 2012


Hello there,

We’ve decided to write a Friday round-up to keep clients and friends up to date on our happenings and progress.

Week 001 (of the new site)


New site launched

This week we decided to have a wee refresh of the Coffee With A Lid site.
It was a simple transitionary site before and to be honest, we didn’t have the time to update it as we were so busy and maybe got a wee bit too used to using Facebook only!
All different now… we’re chuffed with how it’s looking and working and will use it more and more for pholio galleries, news and ‘wafflings’. We hope you like it.


QikServe™ are growing fast

Our involvement with QikServe™ ‘The Waiter In Your Pocket’ recently saw us in Chicago for a 5 day conference.
We work so closely with them that we even use the same office. This had to be upscaled this week as we have recruited a developer who will work on all things SmartPhone and back end.
Appearances in the press and 2 very HUGE new clients have kept the team very busy indeed. More news to follow.


3D Aeroplanes and Cabins

We are working very hard this month on a 3D fly-through video for a large global electronics firm. Using MODO for modelling and rendering makes the process most enjoyable and seeing the reaction of the client to our first test render of the plane flying past was a hoot.


Mobile Web Apps

This week (through next week) sees us deliver an interim mini Mobile Web App for an Edinburgh based mental health awareness organisation.
Finding this solution for them has been a most enjoyable process and the realisation that this solution is ‘best-fit’ for budget has given the project the scope to release 2 separate concepts for Android & iPhone/iTouch as well as Windows mobile and Blackberry. How to reach a huge audience without alienating the young and the ‘other than Apple’ audience.
More news on this very soon…


In the next issue…

Archaeology, digital mapping, pineapples, social media scoring, National Libraries and of course, more QikServe™ news.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to hearing from you.


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