Friday 22nd June 2012

A very busy and fruitful week has almost past

Work began on Jei River Farms website

It is shaping up to be a great project. Lovely client and an amazing story to tell.
More news and a site to see soon.


A New Psychic Thriller Novel about to hit Kindles through Amazon

We’ve been assisting novellist Rick Wilson, formerly of The Scotsman Magazine and the Daily Telegraph, with his new novel.
It isn’t an easy task (although you’d think it would be) to prepare a book for the Kindle marketplace but we’re almost there and look forward to the reviews and activity soon.


3D animation for aerospace client taking shape

Our animation for the Farnborough Air Show is really taking shape this week. Final render next week.
‘We’re going to need a bigger boat!’


THREE new interactive children’s books are underway in the Coffee With A Lid camp.

We’ll be revealing some stunning illustrations very soon for the follow up to The Witch Of The East, The Tales Of Mordekai Hagg. The soundtrack and narration is sounding amazing thanks to Jimmy Chisholm, Jimmy Cosmo and a cast of many. Big nod to RED Facilities for their continuing awesomeness and skills.

Just received second phase of illustrations for a very cute wee animated dog tale… Off to London soon to record the narration with someone rather special.

Sets are being built as we type for the forthcoming ‘Keeping It Together’ spider-based story… this project is going to be a blinder! Animation, narration, games and discovery… all inside the iPad.


Have a great weekend and catch you all next week…


And finally… went the Cameo in Edinburgh this week to see Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson.
Go see it, please.

From The guardian

His new movie, Moonrise Kingdom (co-scripted, as was The Darjeeling Limited, by Roman Coppola), is wholly characteristic, deceptively lightweight and his most ambitious work to date. The setting is the fictional island of New Penzance off the New England coast over two days in September 1965, and as Anderson was born in Texas in 1969 and raised there, one supposes there is little here that is directly autobiographical. The place and time are clearly chosen for their pivotal historical position, and the movie is evidently about America itself. Two years have passed since the assassination of Kennedy, the Vietnam war is still largely distant thunder, the phenomenon known as the 60s is starting to rumble on the west coast, and the country is enjoying its last stage of innocence.




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