Friday 6th July 2012

And breathe… time for a well earned break.

Our 3D animation is off to Farnborough Airshow 2012

A frantic race to the finish but a most enjoyable experience working with Gore and Ken Kerr again.
All the best for the show and look forward to hearing the reactions.

Hailey Beavis Pop Video

After seeing Hailey perform live supporting The Proclaimers this week, we completed her first video for the track ‘Sinking Sunset’.
Next, we’ll be helping her with her website and looking at the second promo video concept.


Work continues on Bohemian Naturals, pureVLC, The Proclaimers, Jei River Farms, Earthy & of course QikServe®

Due to lack of time (making sure our clients come first), our new electronic book for the iPad; ‘Keeping It Together‘ has been a wee bit slow in the making but its full steam ahead now and we’ll be showcasing elements of it’s progress in a unique blog right here very soon.


And finally, wee Becca the lab (and business partner) has gone and done in her metatarsal ligament so is on a strict NO RUNNING regime for a wee while.
This is, of course, a bit of a nightmare for all of us. We love our long beach walks and runs! Please get well soon Becs.

Have a great weekend (hope it dries up a little) everyone and good luck to all those nutters heading to T in the Park.


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