Friday 27th July 2012

This week has been mainly video based…

The Proclaimers asked us to join them in the studio last friday to film a promo for their new single.
We were joined by camera/lighting and good all-round media chap David McAfee to film the band in a very tight timeframe and space.

It all went swimmingly of course… The results will be seen on YouTube, Vimeo, TV & various sites around the globe real soon.

iPad Books News
This week saw us receive many great reviews for Mark Boyde’s illustrated children’s book The Witch Of The East. We’re feeling the love from


Full production began on Coffee With A Lid’s next illustrated and animated book, ‘Keeping it Together’

The cardboard set has been built, the theme tune is in production, the characters are beginning to come to life and our launch schedule is in place.

If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.

John Cleese


Ongoing development on various web projects for Bohemian Naturals, EARTHY and the Society of Scottish Artists took up the rest of the week for us here at Coffee Towers.

We also bid for a stunning piece of artwork at the ESSA bi-annual art auction a few weeks back.

Happy to say we are now the proud owners of 3 stunning pieces by Paul Charlton. Watch out for his name in the future. Stunning work.


Have a wonderful weekend all and see you next week.


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