A Friday Round-Up

We only went and got a wee feature on BBC CLICK this week with QikServe launching at Bristol Airport.

Almost spat out our Sunday morning coffee when our motion graphics suddenly appeared on the BBC News channel right in front of our eyes! Very impressive and great to know that the appropriate audience was reached.

This week also saw us experiencing the Speed Of Light show on Arthur’s Seat. I’ve not seen Angus Farquhar in a long time so was great to at least see what he’s up to.



Cast yourself in this year’s most extraordinary performance!


This August Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat is the stage for a remarkable fusion of public art and sporting endeavour. The iconic mountain is brought to life in a mass choreographed act of walking and endurance running, as part of Edinburgh International Festival and London 2012 Festival.


As a member of the walking audience you become part of the work, carrying portable light sources set against the dark features of the hill. A mesmerising visual display unfolds each night on your ascent to the summit as hundreds of runners wearing specially designed light suits take to the intricate path networks below.


Loved the show and the concept. Did feel a little strange if not exhilarating being at the very top (250.5m) of Artur’s Seat at 11pm on a Sunday night!


As far as our work goes… well, we’re just really busy as usual! Earthy, Bohemian Naturals, As You Like It Holidays, QikServe, NHS, AOC Archaeology, Cupar Arts, Society Of Scottish Artists and pureVLC all moving along nicely.

Our iPad publishing division will be stepping up a gear or two over the next few weeks too.


A general air of positivity and contentment in the office this week.


The featured picture for this weeks blog is of Julia Douglas Usher & Mary Snow up on top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh experiencing the Speed of Light show by Angus Farquhar’s NVA at the Edinburgh International Festival.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. All the very best.

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