Not a bad wee week at all here at Coffee With A Lid…

Sunday saw us in Glasgow filming in a pharmacy with 3 great performers and a smashing wee crew.
Training film/DVD will be completed later in the year for our national client.

Completed the edit of the video for Blueflint’s new single; ‘Take Your Shoes Off’.
(We’ll post the final edit here very soon)

The band are about to embark on a national tour with The Proclaimers so we’re wishing them all the very best, break a string… and all that.

QikServe getting very VERY busy indeed. This week saw the move to a larger office, our ┬áNational Business Development Manager, Nicola and our two new devs start early next week. It’s going to get right busy likes…

EARTHY foods & Goods site is shaping up nicely. We should be going live soon with that too. Dig In!


And finally… the cottage welcomed a new soul this past week, little Dougie Douglas the 16 week old black lab arrived and well, took over! All settled in now and life with Becca is good.

Have a great weekend all. Play nice :)


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