Coffee With A Lid are proving that their agile approach to Mobile Web Apps is both cost effective and wide reaching.

With Mobile Web Apps being viewable and useable on iPhone, Android Smartphones, Blackberry Touch, iPads & Android tablets, the audience reach is vast and there are no barriers from the app stores to interfere with launch schedules and marketing strategies.

Constant user control is important too and with the content being managed by the site / app owner, the mobile web app can be amended, improved, expanded upon and themed on-the-go.

Geo-location is possible in Mobile Web Apps

Sociable streams are possible in Mobile Web Apps

Movie, image, audio & plain old text are possible in Mobile Web Apps

Scan this barcode to install the ‘Be Agile’ mini Mobile Web App from Coffee With A Lid™

As our mini app says…  ‘Let’s grab a coffee and discover how we can assist’


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