Today sees the release of the new ‘see me’  mobile web app as part of the launch of  Scottish Mental Health Week 2012.

Titled ‘Defeat Stigman‘, the app addresses the issue of tackling stigma around mental ill-health in Scotland.

Coffee With A Lid have devised the character and designed and developed the App for ‘see me’.

The user is invited to answer 5 pertinent questions around mental health and is encouraged to help end stigma through the process.

The decision to utilise HTML 5 and the Mobile Web App format was down to wanting to reach the largest potential audience. By utilising this format, the app is viewable on all iPhones & iPod Touch devices, iPad (1,2 & 3), all Android Smartphones, BlackBerry Touch Smartphones (OS 6+), BlackBerry Playbook and Android Tablets.

Our best wishes go out to the team, volunteers and supporters of ‘see me’.

Go here to scan the QR code and experience the app



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