REWORKGreat advice from Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson, the chaps that brought us Basecamp & Highrise to name a few…

Listening to this inspiring book over a few days on car journeys too and from the office and meetings around Scotland, really got us thinking about priorities and the way people in the UK are  force fed a pretty lame work ethic.

A lot of what Jason & David have written in their book rings very true to our philosophy but maybe we were a little afraid to vocalise it!

We HATE ‘overtime martyrs‘ (…and have known a few! Fannies!)

Despise people who call themselves entrepreneurs.


Totally agree with ‘Interruption is the enemy of productivity


The basic principle of this book is to trust your gut feeling, get the hell on with it and DON’T listen the consultants.

Seth Godin says – ‘Ignore This Book at Your Peril’

He may be correct :)


This post started out with me trying to think of the best way to both plug and thank 37 Signals for providing Basecamp & Highrise.

Their book says it all… I’d suggest that you listen to or read REWORK by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson and then start using Basecamp and see how quickly you sign up for good.

Our wee company runs on these two ‘digital fuels’ and we are forever grateful (and more than happy to pay the very reasonable monthly fees).

Link here to 37 Signals

Link here for the book Amazon Kindle


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