Well, we’re afraid it’s all been a wee bit quiet here on the ‘Coffee’ site and blog.

Why… we are so damn busy, we can’t believe it.

Apologies if this post ends up sounding ‘saft’ or ‘egotistical’ but you know what! We don’t give a FROCK!

Being busy with the right clients, the right kind of work with the best outcomes and achievements is a privilege.

We’ve worked hard for this privilege and intend to continue doing so throughout 2013.

I suppose what we’re trying to say is thanks, show some gratitude for our good fortune and celebrate knowing some very awesome people.


Media work (digital, design, web dev etc etc) traditionally comes with the ‘what evening? or ‘what weekend’ tag as well as the ‘it’s OK… we’ll pay you when our accounts team come back from their procrastination trip’ one.

We swore that this year we would sack the time-wasters, forget about (but not forgive) the f**kwits, and move forward with a new vigour and energy.

Colin has been going through the grizzly bear wellness plan with Ash Boddy at Boddy Language in sunny Leith.

A new lease of life has been found as well as vastly improved health, spiritual wealth and a more productive work/life balance.

As their site says :

This is not a workout, a diet or a cult.

It’s a plan to kickstart your health.

It is certainly working!

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 14.30.40Go visit them… Ash & Rachel could help you change your lives.


OK, time to go and enjoy a well deserved weekend (after the Friday gym session, mind).

‘Hope you all have a great weekend.

Kat Slaters

 Pictured above, our other hero: Nacho Libre
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