We’re having a rather splendid year so far, running around a whole lot… but fun all the same.

We head off to Prague on a fact-finding mission for 4 days then return to East Lothian for a day before heading to Hamburg to help set up a rather humungous 55 inch LED touch screen set up for a very cool client.

Once back, we have a very busy April lined up with a few web sites going live here in Scotland as well as some interesting ‘touch’ technologies being looked at!

QikServe® is now a registered trademark ! Yet more progress and some LARGE news very soon regarding the App & where you may find it appearing soon.
Such a swift and intriguing journey is being had with the QikServe® team this year.

We’re happy to have sponsored the Society Of Scottish Artists by donating the build and design of their shiny new web site.
Artists can now have their own promo/biog/gallery page and the visibility of the society is now growing fast online.

Julia Douglas has worked painstakingly as both the administrator for the SSA as well as WordPress Queen for Coffee With A Lid.

Go visit : http://www.s-s-a.org/

And finally…

Saw a postcard that said this last week : “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life“.

So true…

A good friend also said to me : “be busy but for it not to matter“.

Now… this is even more relevant to us. Don’t go letting other people’s stress get in the way of your quiet.
We’ve made some serious changes and life is so much more rewarding.

That is all.

Colin, Coffee Chief

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