At last… the summer is near. We can smell it.

In this past few weeks; Prague was cold but awe inspiring and Hamburg was vast and welcoming.

Now, what does the summer hold for us? Who really knows yet.

Mindfullness is at the forefront, health and fitness is a serious focus and success is inevitable. (good old hard work is to thank for that)

Here at Coffee Cottage, we’re looking forward to a summer of letting the good stuff happen, cutting off from the stresses of work at the appropriate times and enjoying the company of great friends, family and even clients (who become friends anyway!)

Our workload is being scrutinised in order to prioritise lifestyle over daily slog! We feel like we’ve been stuck in the Cat Race (YES CAT!… it’s like herding cats with clients sometimes) for the past wee while.

So, we’re picking the few that we WANT to work with and no longer saying YES to everyone. This empowering approach is rewarding us even more with a new lease of life and a better work/life balance.

You should all try it.

Don’t like what you are doing? Get the F**K out!

Now, off you go and have a great weekend.

Colin & the Coffee With A Lid Team


Please have a look at Smiling Mind, meditation and mindfullness is not reserved for the Hippies™

The App on iPhone is inspiring and the design is breathtaking. Respect due.

Smiling Mind, Colin Usher

Have a Smiling Mind all (go visit these inspiring people in Australia)

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