Evolving steadily with no growing pains.

Coffee with a Lid Ltd is now just over 18 months old. We missed our first birthday as we were too busy to notice.

Happy birthday to us…

We’ve also just finished our first year accounts with the brilliant Stuart Fordwood. Who’d have thought that doing the books and end of year return would actually be fun!?! It was…

Summer 2013 looks to be a mixture of great new work as well as having as much time away from desks and flickering fruit machines (Apples… get it!) as is possible.

We’re shooting and editing a promo for The Proclaimer’s new track ‘Not Cynical’.

This single will be on general circulation over the summer to promote the new album:
The Very Best Of The Proclaimers : 25 Years 1997 – 2012


We’ll post the new video here as soon as we can.

The Proclaimers The Very Best OfThe Proclaimers are off playing festivals around UK before heading off to Canada for a short tour.

More promo music videos are in the pipeline and then some interesting developments in the land of mobile ahead.


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