We’re loving the long distances walked, the late light nights and the fact that July was nice and peaceful.

Now, August hits us square in the face and the Fringe is upon us. Which is awesome.

We kicked off our 2013 Fringe by going to see the mighty Colour Ham‘s show in Just the Tonic at the Caves.

Gav, Colin & Kev were absolutely amazing again this year and the show really has taken a huge leap towards to lads going somewhere HUGE with this.

Annoyingly, we can’t say much about the show as you really must discover it for yourself… click here to buy tickets.

Look out for the photo shoot we did of them in the press.

We’re off to see Bianco from the awe inspiring NoFit State Circus tomorrow so watch this space for the reviews.


Coffee With A Lid update

As far as work goes… well, it’s been a great summer so far… few websites now live for pureVLC, chefr and as always, QikServe goes from strength to strength.

A couple of major projects on the go regarding Apps and children’s books but we’ll have to keep that under wraps for a bit longer…

We’re undergoing a bit of a facelift with regards how we work, who we want to work with and what we work on!

All change here but for the better… and… watch out for us in Leith, we’ll be there a lot more very soon.


So, go enjoy the Fringe, the other festivals and the weather while it lasts.




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