Our new venture : COFFEE TABLE has been launched.

COFFEE TABLE for Artists, Photographers & Illustrators

JUNIOR for interactive Children’s books

WELLNESS for releasing health, fitness & lifestyle books

Working closely with galleries, curators, arts organisations and artists (the author), COFFEE TABLE produces, designs and distributes digital publications.

Sumptuously visual, interactive, digital publications designed for the iPad & ePub devices, distributed via the app stores.

With a focus on publishing visual artists, photographers, illustrators, makers and designers, COFFEE TABLE has been established to assist in building audiences and distribute publications globally.

We release digital ‘coffee table books’ which focus on creative imagery. Our selection process is cautious and deliberate in choosing to publish works that we feel are highly desirable or commercially viable… or ideally, both.

We are an indie publisher and not a vanity press. We do not charge an upfront fee, nor do we pay advances to the author.

Please visit the site to read more and don’t forget to ‘like’ the Facebook page here to keep in touch with our releases and progress.




Here at COFFEE TABLE JUNIOR, we are always on the lookout for illustrators and storytellers.

Please get in touch if you think you can inspire, educate or entertain kids of all ages.

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