We’re 2 years old as of Jan 6th 2014.

This makes us very happy. We’ve worked hard, played nice and smiled an awful lot.


Health in business has been a great focus for us this past year. Working closely with Boddy Languages‘ Ash & Rachel, we have turned around our personal fitness, attitudes to stress and wellbeing as well as avoided the toxic office syndrome that is very prevalent all around us.

We have had a most amazing time working with our clients (and obviously friends) :

QikServe, this innovative mobile tech company goes from strength to strength. Thank you, we’ve loved being part of the growth and excitement.

Boddy Language, incorporating Weekend Surf Warrior and Grizzly Bear, we enjoyed a trip to Devon with Ash & Rachel for surf related shenanigans in 2013. Thank you, you made our year healthy and stress-free.

Tree Of Knowledge, reaching hundreds of thousands of students and kids of all ages with their motivational enlightenment! Thank you for our time in the photo studio and making films with inspiring wee people. You remind us to laugh more.

W.L. Gore™ & Associates, innovating in the aerospace sector, we were lucky to spend some time with HUGE touch screens and animated aeroplanes. Thank you for introducing us to Hamburg. (Ken Kerr, we love you man.)

The Proclaimers, the infectious dulcet tones of Craig & Charlie Reid filled quite a portion of our 2013. We hung out on main stage at T in the Park, shot a promo video, attended the red carpet showing of Dexter Fletcher’s Sunshine On Leith movie and had the most excellent night with Matt Lucas, Glasvegas and Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire at the excellent new music venue, The Hydro in Glasgow. Thank you for the AAA lifestyle we’ve grown to love.

Woodend Barn (Nicola Henderson) in Banchory, a most amazing arts venue in the north of Scotland. Thank you for the opportunity to breath in some of Scotland’s great views whilst working with you on your new web site.

Cupar Arts Festival, (Gayle Nelson) representing contemporary visual art in a rural context… in Fife. Thank you for involving us in your event and letting play with interactive maps for your site.

Regular Music, staging awesome events at Edinburgh Castle and The Hydro in 2013. Thank you for letting us work with you on Facebook cleverness for Jessie JThe Stereophonics and The Proclaimers. (and thanks for the AAA fun)

Here’s a song called I Thank U by our pal Sean Dickson (formerly of The Soup Dragons) and his band, The High Fidelity

Other messages of thanks for 2013

Stu Fordwood, The Kilted Accountant. What a champion and great friend.
The Social Tailor,
Colin Gilchrist is a genius. That is all.
Braw Beard Oils, 
loved shooting the wee video John Jackson.
Chefr, great concept, great people, thanks for letting us work with you.

Pixies (not a client). Thank You for re-forming and playing Glasgow Barrowlands.
Vaughan Oliver, Thank you for an enlightening talk at ECA in 2013. You still inspire.
Sigur Ros for being in Scotland twice in 2013, we saw you in Glasgow & Edinburgh. Takk.
Berlin Festival for staging the most excellent music event we’ve ever been to. We’ll be back this year.
Prague for letting us meet you. Stunning place but rather cold in March!

Thank You for writing:
Jamie Smart
(author) for the book; Clarity
Oliver Burkeman 
(author) for the book; The Antidote
Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson 
(authors) for the book; ReWork
Paul McGee 
(author) for the book; S.U.M.O.
Gretchen Rubin 
(author) for the book; The Happiness Project
Nicholas Lovell (author) for the book; The Curve
Lloyd Jerome
(author) for the book; Cricket by Candlelight
Chris Ward
(author) for the book; Out Of Office

Thank you for singing (and playing)
Carina Round for Tigermending
Capital Cities
for In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery
John Grant
for Pale Green Ghosts
Sigur Ros
for Kveikur
The National
for Trouble Will Find Me
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
for Mosquito
for Muchacho
Paley & Francis
for Paley & Francis album

Thanks for the app:
(2nd year our favourite)
Wired Magazine
Magic Seaweed
Smiling mind
Since iQuit

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