March 2014 finds us positively BOUNCING here at the Coffee With A Lid cottage.

With a spring in our steps, we have been busying ourselves with digital publications. iPad, Android tablets and ePub formats.

A particular children’s book is taking shape very nicely and with our illustrious illustrator working away with his pencils sharpened, we are getting close to being able to introduce the new character to the world.

In other news, well… all is well… the work/life balance is getting closer to being ideal and we are loving the projects we’re involved in.

2014 so far… Our pals QikServe go from strength to strength, loving taking things that bit further with them, the Sunshine On Leith movie DVD did awfully well recently, Wes Anderson brought us the inspiring The Grand Budapest Hotel, Skindred melted our faces off in Glasgow in January, we released 3 iPad app books, we’ve created the new look for The Colour Ham, we discovered and devoured Breaking Bad and (Colin) I even appeared in the Fife Free Press’s 100 Greatest Fife Bands Ever list… TWICE as the drummer in The Twist and The Ghost Train.

Phew. More soon….

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