As we see the temperature rising in East Lothian, the weather getting pretty good, and the moods swinging far to the positive side of the scale… here at the ‘Coffee With A Lid’ cottage, we find ourselves outdoors a lot more and loving the ‘out of office’ approach.


Learning to surf

This week also saw Colin partaking in a surf lesson at Coldingham Bay. Steve from St Vedas surf school was an awesome host and tutor for what turned out to be the most fun he’s had in a wet suit ever! Colin would strongly recommend learning to surf with

Unfortunately, there are no photos of this event… next time. (Colin in a wet suit!, maybe we can all wait for that one)

Anyhoo, he appears to have the bug now so cars smelling of the seaside, sand everywhere and a general air of ‘stokedness’ will prevail we’re sure.




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