This week saw us filming a promo with Braw Beard Oils in Glasgow’s Griphouse Gym.

Griphouse is the home of WolverDean Reilly and is Scotland’s premiere mixed martial arts and combat sports training facility.

deanAbout Dean Reilly

“I absolutely love training in all aspects of MMA and I believe that training in Martial Arts improves all facets of your life. I have met some incredible people and been some amazing places all through martial arts.”

Dean is a purple belt in BJJ & one of the country’s best MMA fighters, competing on Cage Warriors, Absolute Combat & fighting professionally in Japan.

We spent the afternoon in Griphouse Gym with John Jackson of Braw Beard Oils shooting Dean sparring & training with the assistance of Braw Beard Oils to strengthen him for the workout.

Click here to visit The Griphouse, thanks lads.

If your beard’s good… you’re good.

Click here to grab your Braw Beard Oils

Braw Beard Oils : WolverDean from CoffeeWithALid on Vimeo.

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