DTM - Digital Team Member

Digital Team Member™ is a new initiative from Coffee With A Lid’s Colin Usher.

The past 18 months has seen Colin work closely with an array of clients in the early stages of their product or company’s development and this has assisted them in realising their digital media needs. He has then acted on these needs to fulfil a media strategy and provided the tools thereafter to reach their goals.

Current clients include: QikServe, pureVLC, Social Artisan, Boddy Language, The Proclaimers, Society Of Scottish Artists & The Kilted Accountant

Colin’s experience has highlighted that, for companies, constantly having to recommission a designer or specific media skill(ist) for each and every task can prove to be both expensive and time consuming.

Appointing a retained multi-disciplined Digital Team Member™ for a set period of 3 to 6 months (or longer if desired) guarantees attention to detail and the ongoing constant support and advice required to get through a campaign or company stage.

Obviously, the Digital Team Member™ would benefit from this longer term commitment from you, the company, but what are the main advantages to you?

• For a new company, going through it’s initial fast paced start up process, having a digital design expert on hand, who is committed to helping you get your branding spot on from the start will certainly have it’s advantages

• For all companies with any digital requirements, having a skilled expert on call whenever you need them and having that commitment from them to focus on your company, and only for as long as you need them, will surely be a stress relief

• Having a retained media professional as a member of your team will save you the exorbitant fees associated with employing such an expert on an ad-hoc basis

• You can have constant contact with this media professional and see quick results

• Your company will have no equipment costs

• You will be able to share the intuitive knowledge of this professional, gained from his 25 years experience in the field (after all, presuming that confidentiality is respected, an open approach to sharing processes and resources can only be a good thing, right?)

• Having this reliable and committed external resource will enhance your team and help you all work in a more agile way, without the restrictions of lack of digital knowhow

• Remember, this will be a short term, non-permanent arrangement. No Payroll, just set the DayRoll


Skills / Services included:

• Brand development & logo design

• Stationery, Business Cards & Letterheads

• Exhibition Banners

• Web design & build, SEO and best practices advice

• Video production and deployment

• Expo/Exhibition support

• Photography

• Full service media support (i.e. ad hoc ongoing support for all things graphical, press and marketing related and general advice in the digital arena)

• Creative thinking


So, in-short

There’s no ‘i’ in team… but, there is a ‘ME’

Speak to Colin.

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